Ham Radio

Ham Radio or Amateur Radio is a fun hobby that has been around for generations. Having fun and learning at the same time is what Ham Radio is all about. Talk to hams across town or around the world, communicate with satellites, learn about digital voice communications, build your own transceivers & antennas, and even talk to astronauts on the International Space Station at times.

Uniden BCD996XT Police Scanner

Scanners That Receive DMR/MotoTRBO Now Available

Having a scanner that can decode DMR/MotoTRBO is a must with the rise in DMR ham repeaters and some areas, police and fire.

Review of Wouxun KG-UV6D Dual-Band Handheld

Backpacking / Camping 2-Meter Yagi Antenna

I came across come plans for a 2-Meter Backpack Yagi designed by KD5IVP that would be excellent for a camping, backpacking or hiking trip and an HT. Made with a fiberglass or aluminum arrow that it can also be stowed away in, some piano wire, cable and alligator clips.


Getting To Know D-STAR

Find out about D-STAR, what they do, and how to operate them. Gary KN4AQ goes into great detail on operating the ICOM IC-2820H and getting the full potential from it along side the IC-91AD, IC-92AD and ID-800H.

Uniden BCD996XT Police Scanner

Become A Ham Radio Operator

Ham Radio is more popular than ever!┬áThere is a new national trend coming involving Ham Radio, one of the most widely used forms of local, national, and international communications. According to the QRZ Facebook page “The newest trend in American communication isn’t another smart phone from Apple or Google but one of the elder statesmen […]