Police Scanners and Recievers

Police Scanners are a fun way to pass time, do we not all have one running at all times? Uniden and GRE are among the favorites for hobbyists that like a wide range of use and capabilities for most Public Safety, Police, Fire, Ham Radio, and Utilities monitoring.

Uniden BCD996XT Police Scanner

Scanners That Receive DMR/MotoTRBO Now Available

Having a scanner that can decode DMR/MotoTRBO is a must with the rise in DMR ham repeaters and some areas, police and fire.

Uniden Home Patrol 2

Unidens Newest Scanner HomePatrol 2

The New Uniden HomePatrol II is now APCO-25 Phase 2 compatible. With a touchscreen display and easy zip code based programming that makes this the ultimate on-the-go scanner.

Uniden BCD996XT Police Scanner

Police Scanners In The News After Boston Bomber Manhunt

Police scanners are gaining popularity and they are in the news. With the events that recently happened in Boston during the marathon – people took to the internet to listen in to capture the excitement before it was filtered through news outlets.

GRE America Press Release - Production

GRE America Has Temporarily Ceased Scanner Production

Sad news to the scanner hobby as GRE America announced in a press release that they have to cease production of their scanner radios until they are able to contract with a manufacturer.

Screenshot of the Broadcastify wesbite

Radio Reference Live Audio Feeds Being Moved To New Broadcastify.com

Lindsay Blanton announced that the Live Audio portion of Radio Reference is being moved to a new entity called Broadcastify on 10/15/2012. This sounds like the perfect move to me as it brings the community back to Radio Reference as a reference source as it was back in the trunkedradio.net days and not an audio provider/reference. Update: […]