Please read these frequently asked questions before contacting me.

Q – Are you able to program a scanner for me or where can I get one programmed?

A – You already have very helpful people in your area, sign up for the RadioReference Forums and post a request for help in your states forum. Scanner Master also does mail-in programming for some scanners. If you insist I must still program your scanner… For my time, I will gladly do it for the same price Scanner Master charges for HomeTown Programming. 😉


Q – Can you recommend a scanner to me?

A – Please see my list of police scanner suggestions. Some of these scanners such as the Uniden HP-1, BCD536HP, and BCD436HP are preprogrammed and are easily programmed by entering your zip code.


Q – I need help getting my ham radio license?

A – I will first suggest getting a ham radio book in my page Ham Radio Study Books. Start with the Technician book and you may want to try finding a local ham radio club through the ARRL. Clubs are a lot of help with getting started and many offer testing and classes.


Q – Can I use one of your photos?

A – At this time I do not allow the use or licensing of my photos.


Q – Do you take custom orders for your pens/razors/turned wood items?

A – At this time I do not, I try and concentrate on making a wide variety for everybody.


Q – Where can I purchase your pens and other handmade items?

A – Currently only exclusively at my Turned Knotty Etsy Store.


Q – I disagree with one of your posts.

A – No need to contact me for that, try the comment option on the post.


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