Christmas Gifts For Men Over $100 That They Will Actually Use

Whether it’s a gift for your husband, boyfriend, teenagers, or grandchildren – you will want to get them a Christmas gift that they will actually use and be excited about.

This is my first year putting together a gift list but I was given the idea by groaning over the other lists out there. They are just random things thrown into a list just to have a list or to drive traffic to a site with no thought put behind it. I did a little digging on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and forums and saw what men were getting excited about and then going off of reviews and internet chatter I made an attempt at compiling an actual list of GREAT wants over $100. Some of these ideas are unusual and some are simple but they are gift ideas men will absolutely love.  I also made a list of stocking stuffers men will love and use.


Bookmark this post, I will be adding more items.


Video Camera

This isn’t just a video camera, this is a 1080p HD video camera and 10mp camera thats designed for high impact fun. The GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition can be used in any occasion and teenagers can use the versatile and endless mounting options for skateboarding, riding, and BMXing for awesome videos. Or dad can simply use it on vacation to catch family videos and shots… and its waterproof! $299


a Flashlight

Before you say “A flashlight?” let me explain. Surefire doesn’t just make “flashlights” they make high-end illumination tools, at least that is what I call them. This particular flashlight is the P2X Fury Defender LED and throws a blinding 500 lumens of light and has a defensive bezel that can be used in self-defense (This is also a great personal defense gift for the ladies). I have used Surefire Flashlights for 15 years and refuse to go with any other light now and a Lifetime Warranty. $112

Want something brighter? The Surefire P3X Fury is a retena frying 1000 Lumens $195


An Every Day Carry Backpack

One thing that is becoming increasingly popular as we start carrying more and more stuff daily is an EDC (Every Day Carry) bag that doesn’t look like a purse. One of the popular brands in Maxpedition and my personal favorite is the Sitka Gearslinger. This particular pack has many pockets and places to organize and store your daily items. The Sitka is designed to allow you to get access to the inside without even removing the pack as you can sling it forward which also comes in handy for mass transit as you wont need to remove it to sit down. The Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger is available in multiple colors. $110 – $120


Pocket Knife

Inside every mans pocket should be a pocketknife and try to make it a Benchmade. Their pocketknives are of exceptional quality and made to last and that is the reason they are so popular and also because they are made in the USA. Check out the Benchmade Triage or one of the other models. $75 – $165


Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise Canceling headphones come in many varieties but the leader in noise canceling is Bose.Bose has been making Aviation Pilot noise canceling headsets for over 20 years and now apply that technology to consumer headsets. The noise canceling feature can be used with or without music to dampen the noisy world around you. That man in your life will be grinning like a possum eatin’ stickers on christmas morning. Bose QuietComfort 15. $270

Metal Detector

With the price of gold being as high as it is and will most likely remain high for some time to come, finding gold nuggets and long-lost gold jewelry can be fun and exhilarating. While you could buy any metal detector, Fishers Gold Bug is specifically designed to detect and pinpoint gold (still finds other metals). Fisher has produced the Gold Bug series for 25+ years and continue to produce and improve upon this line.

Fisher Gold Bug – $499

Fisher Gold Bug Pro – $649


Learn How To Pick Locks

Sparrows Night SchoolWant to keep a man busy for a while? Let him become a spy and learn to pick locks. It is a fun hobby to get in to and a great skill to know. The lock picking hobby is getting bigger and bigger. This Sparrows Night School is the perfect set to learn with. It comes with several picks as well as 3 cutaway locks to practice with. The cutaway locks contain hard to pick security pins and allows you to see the pins you are pinning to you can learn the feel of picking. Trust me, most men would be excited about this kit. Sparrows Night School Tuxedo Edition – $115

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