Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men – Items They Will Actually Use – 2013

I see stocking stuffer ideas for men every year but it’s always stuff they will most likely never use like soap on a rope and cologne. A lot of this stuff is just links to buddies of theirs that sell stuff. Wouldn’t you ladies feel better if the men and young men in your lives disappeared for hours on Christmas Morning using the items in their stocking with joy? Check these out, while some of these may look not so interesting to you, fill a mans stocking with this stuff and you will be surprised.

Bookmark this page as I will be adding to it as I find even more fun and interesting manly gift ideas.

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Ferrocerium Swedish Firesteel 


A Ferrocerium Firestarter will start a fire in any climate at any temperature.This little handy tool is really popular and I see no reason for them to become unpopular soon. This throws gobs of sparks and will ignite just about anything that is flammable. Light My Fire Original Firesteel $16

Pocket Ref Guide


All-purpose pocket-sized reference book featuring abundant information on many subjects, hundreds of tables, maps, formulas, constants and conversions. If you need to know it, it is in this book!960 Pages of almost everything a man may need to know. Trust me, its awesome! Pocket Ref 4th Edition $12


Titanium Lockpicks

Bagota Titanium Entry Set

The Serpick Titanium Bagota Lockpick set is designed to be lightweight and easily carry-able in your EDC. Most men don’t know they want lock picks until they have them. The handle end of each piece doubles as a tension wrench, so you only need to carry these two tools to be prepared to open nearly any pin-tumbler or wafer lock you encounter. Carry them covertly with a safety-pin and a spring from a ballpoint pen. Bagota Entry Toolset $35 – $40

Leatherman Multi-Tool

Multitools can always come in handy and why every man doesn’t already have one I am not sure. The New Wave has interchangeable screwdriver bits which extends its possibilities over other multitools. Leatherman Wave Multitool $60


Swedish Steel Knife

Mora Knives are inexpensive knives that are very decent in quality. Morakniv has been manufacturing the highest-quality knives in Mora, Sweden since 1891. For the price you can’t find a similar knife for a better price. Available in Fire Knife with firesteel and Morakniv without firesteel. $14 – $29
Prefer a US Made Knife? Check out the Ka-Bar USMC Knife. Guys love knives! $63


Made In USA Hammer

Hardcore Hammers are Made in America by Americans for Americans. What else is there to say about such a hammer other than that man in your life will feel like Thor on Christmas morning! They are available in “The Original” with recessed insert and “Blunt Force” and priced for less than you’d think for an All American made Hammer.  $36-$79

Survival Guide

Let John “Lofty” Wiseman teach the men in your life to protect you in any situation. This book is packed full of illustrations and easy to understand instructions to aid somebody in most survival situations. The SAS Survival Handbook $16


Pro Tech Toolkit


The iFixIt Pro Tech Toolkit is a must for every mans toolbox. Whether it fixing the PS3, iPhone, laptop or another electronic device this kit has the tools. Perfect gift for the teenage man in the house too as he is going to tear everything apart anyways – he may as well have the right tools for it. Contains security bits, pentalobe bits, spudgers, and other cool sounding but necessary things. This Pro Tech Toolkit is a man must! $65


Does Your Man Want to be a SPY?

If your man, son, grandchild, or other men in your life want to be a spy you can get them some really awesome spy stuff.

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