Ham Radio DIY Antenna Projects

DIY Ham Radio Antennas – Building and design your own antennas is a fun accomplishment as well as more versatile. A favorite pastime of amateur radio operators is do-it-yourself projects. You can build ‘pocket J-Poles’ to take with you hunting, camping, or on vacation to keep you connected without a huge contraption.

Also check out the ARRL Antenna Book here, its the new 23rd edition with limited-space antennas, portable and mobile antennas, receiving antennas, building towers, and antenna system troubleshooting. Some new designs, including a C-pole ground-independent HF antenna, a 40 meter Moxon beam, and improved half-element designs for Yagis.

More Links to DIY Antenna designs coming soon! If you would like your antenna design listed, please comment below and include the link to your page(s) with the DIY antennas you would like listed here.

Yagi Antennas

J-Pole Antennas

 Grounding Tips



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