Become A Ham Radio Operator

Ham Radio is more popular than ever! There is a new national trend coming involving Ham Radio, one of the most widely used forms of local, national, and international communications. According to the QRZ Facebook page “The newest trend in American communication isn’t another smart phone from Apple or Google but one of the elder statesmen of communication: Ham radio licenses are at an all time high, with over 700,000 licenses in the United States..”

Becoming A Ham Radio Operator

To become a Ham Radio operator is quite easy and with a little reading and studying with these essential books you could be on the air with a Technician License in just a few weeks. It would be helpful to find a Ham Club in your area and get some help and guidance from an ‘Elmer’

Go to my page: Ham Radio Study Books to get you prepared for your test.


More Ham Radio Resources

  • ARRL – With over 156,000 members, ARRL is the largest organization of radio amateurs in the USA.
  • QRZ – Ham Sign database, Ham Forums, and Practice Exams
  • TWiT Ham Nation – Listen in on Bob Heil (K9EID), Gordon West (WB6NOA), George Thomas (W5JDX) and Leo LaPorte (W6TWT) as they discuss current events in Amateur Radio.




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