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  1. John
    John at | | Reply

    But are they legal??

  2. Kyle
    Kyle at | | Reply

    How fast does the radio scan as compared to say a Yaesu? I know some of the earlier Wouxuns were fairly slow at scanning.

  3. Allen
    Allen at | | Reply

    CON: You can’t lock the frequency knob like you could on the UV3D. Can slip off frequency easily.

  4. Walt
    Walt at | | Reply

    I am looking to buy the KG-UVD1P but would like to buy direct from China. Any suggestions if this is a good idea? My other option would be to buy from cheapham.com.


  5. Nevin
    Nevin at | | Reply

    Brian, Thanks for a well written review. I agree that for the money it is a nice radio, but not perfect. Yours is the only article that I have found so far that discusses both offsets (+ & -) being displayed at the same time. The issue seems to be more related when in Memory Mode vs VFO (Working Mode). I did a complete Radio reset and entered a single Frequency back in following the steps on Pg 50 & 51 of the Manual with a + offset, simply changing menu 22 from Channel or Name would cause both + & – to be displayed, if I went back to Frequency only the + symbol was only displayed.

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