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Lindsay Blanton announced that the Live Audio portion of Radio Reference is being moved to a new entity called Broadcastify on 10/15/2012. This sounds like the perfect move to me as it brings the community back to Radio Reference as a reference source as it was back in the days and not an audio provider/reference.

Update: Broadcast Launch is a soft launch on Oct 16 and/or Oct 17, which entails feeds on both RadioReference and Broadcastify in parallel, allowing for a more smooth transition per this post.

With the move of the live audio portion, providers of the scanner audio will no longer be receiving a complimentary premium Radio Reference membership but will be receiving a $6.95/month premium Broadcastify membership at no charge for volunteering their scanners audio for the feeds.

This will allow us to better focus on it’s core service, to be a reference source. Broadcastify will provide a stand alone entity to focus on the live audio feeds.

It seems there is a few feed providers that are upset about the change as they appear to have only provided a feed to to defer the $30 a year for a complimentary premium subscriber membership – instead of providing their scanner audio for the sake of the radio hobby, which is sad. A few providers have already cut their feeds, but in my opinion, that just opens up a slot for feed providers that want to volunteer just to volunteer. If you have a scanner and would like to provide audio to the upcoming Broadcastify, read this: Becoming A Feed Provider

Here are a few changes coming in their move to Broadcastify:

  • 180 days of archives for all regular feeds
  • 365 days of archives for official feeds
  • Official feeds will have access to audio trimming capabilities
  • Notable incidents section for storage of interesting audio archives
  • Revamped feed alert system

Premium Features ($6.95/month)

  • Access to feed archives
  • customized player page for managing favorite feeds
  • Email and SMS alerting for listener counts, feed alerts, and other user defined criteria
  • No advertisements
  • Unlimited listening times on the Web players

Information about the new Broadcastify can be found here and Questions and Answers can be found here.

Screenshot of the Broadcastify wesbite
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  1. I use an Android phone for the full program, which cost me $6.95 when I got it.
    I use an Android phone for the full program, which cost me $6.95 when I got it. at | | Reply

    I don’t want to lose my access to the coverage that we’ve had known as RadioReference…. But how do I pay my $6.95/month access fee??? I love the feeds on my phone and really would be lost without it!

  2. Deb
    Deb at | | Reply

    How can I get archived feeds from a department that cut their feeds? I am looking for a specific date for Catoosa County.

  3. Kelly Holland
    Kelly Holland at | | Reply

    Do we still get it “FREE”, or do we have to pay ?? If we as listeners, have to pay. It could cause a hardship on them. It seems like everyone wants that almighty Dollar. That is so sad ! 🙁

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