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  1. Patricia
    Patricia at | | Reply

    What is the anticipated price on this? Sounds like something I want!!

  2. Patricia
    Patricia at | | Reply

    Thanks so much for your quick response. As to buying a used scanner similar to the 536 versus buying the 536, do you believe the quality of the newest model ifs worth the bux? I’m interested in possibly setting up a channel for my area. Nobody has been covering for ages! And lots of activities we need to hear…

  3. rndacs@gmail.com
    rndacs@gmail.com at | | Reply

    I am in Fort Worth and thinking of puchasing 536hp… Do we know if 536 has same issue with simulcast as the 436.. I would hate to purchase just to return it.

    RNDACS at | | Reply

    Thanks Brian.. Gives me an idea as to whats happening with the 536.. Also, has anyone had any issues with the app for the 536 that should work in conjucntion with the 536? Appreciate all the info guys..

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