Wood Turning As A Hobby – Some Of My Projects

I spent some time once trying to build a nice looking firesteel. I wanted something more than just wood I could find at Lowes and upon looking around I found knife scales and then I came across pen blanks. There is an Exotic Wood store in North Phoenix that carries pen blanks so I thought I would check it out. I saw all types of woods to stark black ebony woods, purpleheart wood, and many others that were just beautiful and decided to grab a handful or two. While I was in the store a few wood tools caught my eye and my mind got stuck on wood lathes and I couldn’t get that to leave my head. Ever since I left that store I could almost turn any though into wood lathes.

Since this wasn’t going to leave me any time soon I decided to do some research about what I could do with a wood lathe and found many projects that caught my eye (shiny things always catch my eye). In the meantime I spent more time than I should have rounding off a piece ironwood prepping it for my firesteel. Got it rounded, sanded, and then I put a very generous layer of CA glue on it and got it polished out. After all of that I went back to thinking about the videos I had watched on wood lathe work and the time I just spent working on this handle for my firesteel…. several days worth of time.

So, I did my research, found some of the stuff I needed, grabbed a few projects from the store and off I went with this new-found hobby. My favorite so far has been the Keychain Toothpick Holder.

As I create stuff I will add it to my Exotic Wood Etsy store and my Handmade Wood Pens Blog.
Enjoy the pictures.

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