Scanner Software

My personal suggestions for scanner software that I have personally used at one time I can suggest without guilt.


Uniden Scanner Software

  • FreeScan – Freeware for the Uniden SC230, BC246T, UBC3500XLT,  BR330T, BCD396T, BC346XT, BCD396XT, BCT15X, BCD996XT,  BCT15, BCD996T, and BCD996P2 (Download Page).
  • ProScan – Control, listen to, and program your Uniden Scanner over the internet. An all in one solution for Uniden Scanners. Works with BCT15, BCT15X, BC250D, BC296D, BR330T, BC346XT, BC346XTC, BCD325P2, BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD436HP, BCD536HP, BC780XLT, BC785D, BC796D, BCD996T, BCD996XT, & BCD996P2.
  • ID Tracker – Useful tool for logging Talk Group ID’s to find and identify IDs.


GRE Scanner Software

  • Win500 – Programming software for the GRE PSR-500 and PSR-600, Whistler WS-1040 and WS-1065, Radio Shack PRO-106,PRO-197, PRO-651, and Pro-652.
  • PSREdit – Programming software packages for the GRE line of object oriented scanners.


Trunked Radio Control Channel Decoder Software

  • UniTrunker – Very versitile control channel decoding software.
  • Pro96Com – Decode a P25 Control channel data stream. Works with Radio Shack Pro-96, Radio Shack Pro-2096, GRE PSR-500, GRE PSR-600, GRE PSR-500C, GRE PSR-600C, GRE PSR-800, Radio Shack Pro-106, Radio Shack Pro-197 Uniden BCD396XT, and the Uniden BCD996XT.


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  1. terry gearhart
    terry gearhart at | | Reply

    Hello, I just purchased a Uniden Bearcat BCT15X, Having a LOT of issues trying to program. How easy is it using your program and what is the cost

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