Helping The Homeless – Social Media vs Social Programs

Helping the homeless and the impoverished is something that  done without the help of government when people group up and put their resources together. The power of social media is huge and looks like it could become bigger than social programs.

VitalyZDTV – Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Vitaly came across a homeless man by the name of Martin that was very grateful for the help. Vitaly took Martin to get some clothes, get cleaned up, and out for a nice dinner…but he didn’t stop there, he helped Martin with his only request.


Magic of Rahat – Rahat Hossain

Rahat Hossain, a magician and prankster, better knows as MagicofRahat on YouTube decided to help out a man by Eric by giving him a “winning” lottery ticket worth $1000. But he didn’t stop there, with a fundraiser, Rahat is able to get Eric into a home as well as some extra cash.

Click here to help Eric


Eric doing better and up on his feet is now paying it forward.


Dennis Roady Deeds

Dennis Roady decided to become homeless for a week. He even attempts to help out some homeless twin brothers and gets burned. He meets a man named Aaron that is down on his luck with a drug issue.



Here is what happened with Aaron after Dennis gives him a little nudge.


The outcomes of each of these are overwhelming and very emotional. My personal favorite is Martin, he is very grateful and when he said “I don’t want any money I just want my teeth fixed” is just what one would want to hear when helping them.

I also really loved Eric, after he was on his feet with a job and house he does some paying it forward himself by giving another homeless man a place to stay for a month.

Dennis did a whole other thing, he gave Aaron a whole new life. Destitute and messed up on drugs, Dennis gave him the nudge he needed and by the power of social media got him some professional help. Aaron is now sober, working and living life in Florida.

I personally believe that people are more powerful than the social programs we have in place to help those who need help. With the help of social media one person can make a HUGE difference.

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